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Terry Moore

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Westsidegoth on 8tracks-Master List


Crawling from the Wreckage
Inspired by Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s Doom Patrol.

For Kicks
Some rap, hard rock, and industrial.

On the Dance Floor
Just some dance tracks of different styles.

Daughter of Drakulon
Fanmix inspired by Vampirella.

Where the Stars Fail to Burn
Mix of industrial, rock and more. A little more chilled.

King Kirby!!!!!!!!!!!
Fanmix tribute to Jack Kirby. Designed as a soundtrack to a Kirby inspired film.

The Woman Known As Rogue
Inspired by Rogue from the X-Men.

Imagine an OST to a cyber-thriller film.

So Beautiful, So Dangerous
Action packed fanmix to beautiful ladies beating people up and being sexy.

Fanmix tribute to Wonder Woman.

Living For Love
Songs about love, infatuation and related emotions.

Hellbound Hellbent Hellraiser
Songs with the word HELL in the title.

Tribute to Naoki Uraswas adaptation of the famed Astro Boy story The Greatest Robot On Earth

Who Is Darkman?
Tribute to the Sam Raimi cult classic.

Sex, infatuation, drugs, alcohol

Masters of the Universe Fanmix
Tribute to He-man film and the characters various incarnations.

The Cyberia Collection: Lain Fanmix
Fanmix tribute to the anime Serial Experiments Lain

In the Blood: Penny Dreadful Fanmix
Fanmix to Penny dreadful

The Cassie Hack Fanmix
Tribute to the lovely slasher-killer Cassie Hack of Hack/Slash.

My 8tracks mixes

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