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Dan Brereton

Anonymous said: I'm a little lost, will Justice League Dark be a part of Batman vs Superman or a totally different universe (sorry for dumb question)

No details as yet on the film in part to del Toros busy schedule (Crimson Peak next year, Pacific Rim films, the Strain, etc). Its in development though.

But it looks like starting next tear we might see a Del Toro film every year so maybe well know in a few years.

I don’t think WB is rushing too much since they got a dozen films in the bag and probably will schedule sequals. Plus according to Neil Gaiman they may announce a Vertigo slate of movies.

Francesco Francavilla


Elena Casagrande


Dawn McTeigue


That finishes the DC solicits covers I wished to post.

In an update, despite me being buying more Marvel in the middle of the year-I am back to buying more DC. The expanded BatUniverse being the reason. Incidentally, not buying a single Batman book.

FAIREST #33 by AH!


BIG NEWS? This appears to possibly have the lost WW vs. Cheetah story that former WW artist Drew Johnson drew. He posted samples years ago. So if you were like me and wondering what happened, this might be it.

HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR #2 by Stjepan Sejic

GREEN LANTERN #38 by Billy Tan

CATWOMAN #38 by Jae Lee by Ty Templeton

Loving those Jae Lee covers.

HARLEY QUINN #14 by Amanda Conner and Bruce Timm

BATGIRL #38 by Cameron Stewart and Aaron Lopresti

My fave of the Flash 75th Anniversary variants. Lopresti is so good.